FAISONS® began as a streetwear fashion brand for women with women's t-shirts dress. With apparel created as oversized tee to complete the story, FAISONS® evolved into designing unisex collections. Created for both sexes, without seeming awkward, or even a need to identify what’s yours & what’s mine. 


The iconic, trademarked mascot ANGELREX was born during the Covid19 pandemic in Singapore. Yet still raised in a stress-free environment, ANGELREX still weighs a healthy 8.4 tons and in favorite of Sunshine Yellow at 12.3m tall. This gentle giant is the guardian of the sunshine.


Life is never one colour; and sometimes the dark colours are the ones that forces us to grow. We chose to create our apparels to remind people of the bright colours that will always exist despite our darkest days. You can always Be The Sunshine.

Our design is curated from a series of life stories, highlighting the very valuable lessons we learn about each other. We embrace the simple yet relatable hope as a reminder. Clothing has always been our favourite form of expression and we aim to extent that reminder not only to you but to the people around you.

Created with the passion to highlight the silver-lining in every story and take back the power from the darkest days. We use bright and strong colours over the black to not only represent the contrast but to show how we can bring the attention back to the positives.

FAISONS® opened its first flagship store on Jan 2021 in Singapore, a space which an integrated retail and incubation space that puts Singapore’s designers and their creative pieces in the limelight.