fAISONS is a Singapore based Women’s Streetwear Brand,

founded in year 2019 by a local designer.

Life is never one colour; and sometimes the dark colours are the ones that forces us to grow. We chose to create our apparels to remind people of the bright colours that will always exist despite our darkest days.

Each design is carefully curated from a series of life stories, highlighting the very valuable lessons we learn about each other. We embrace the simple yet relatable hope as a reminder. Clothing has always been our favourite form of expression and we aim to extent that reminder not only to you but to the people around you.

fAISONS is created with the passion to highlight the silver-lining in every story and take back the power from the darkest days. We use bright and strong colours over the black to not only represent the contrast but to show how we can bring the attention back to the positives."



"We believe in the FREEDOM to express and embrace anything that comes our way. We want to create AWARENESS of our surroundings and of the untold stories. Through the power of design, we use our IMAGINATION to destigmatize our tough days. Let this be a reminder that the SUNSHINE will never fail to illuminate after every night. We hope to show our OPTIMISM through our apparels and empower you to take back the NARRATIVE of your stories. Always remember, a SMILE goes a long way, yours and others. "