COLDWEAR x FAISONS "Short Sleeve Hoodie Black"- CFS003




FAISONS' latest designer collaboration with the COLDWEAR brand. The collection features COLDWEAR's signature winter collection pieces, including an unisex oversized hoodie, a sleeveless hoodie and a jogger in black and white. The local winter collection with a focus on "approachable mixed with streetwise ease", key features graphics include Faisons’s iconic angelrex with the quote of " TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE”.

This collection is versatile, you can wear it in Athflow look for work, for a daily activity, as travel casual wear, even at home. Because we want to continue to inspire your inner traveler. Spread your wings and get ready to fly with angelrex to experience the place you most want to travel to.

Through travel, you learn how to form your own paths and yourself begins to beat to a different rhythm. Learn to embrace the unknown and abandon ourselves into the great vastness of the universe. Let's stay positive and we will be able to fight over all the darkness and one day we will be able to mount our strong wings to fly in the sky again.