Launching Our First Physical Retail Space

Launching Our First Physical Retail Space

fAISONS is introducing its first physical retail presence in Design Orchard, Singapore’s only dynamic space for emerging local designers & brands.

“Built to nurture emerging local designers, Design Orchard is a 2.5-story development that integrates a retail showcase on the ground floor, incubation and co-working spaces on the upper floors, and an events space on the rooftop. This gives designers the resources to conceptualise, produce, and testbed their products all under one roof.” – DesignOrchard

fAISONS is proud to be represented by this initiative, which has been built upon the interest of grooming local designers. We are enthralled to have this space because this means: 1. we get to showcase our collection alongside 60 local designers, 2. we get to meet and greet you, our supporting patrons, and 3. check this anticipated milestone, a milestone crucial to most self-built local designers, off our list!

We simply cannot wait to fill the racks with our fAISONS collection and for you to experience our apparel and design.

How to go there? Click here.