Prioritising Packaging

Prioritising Packaging

fAISONS considers our customers’ complete shopping experience to make each stage as pleasant as it can be. We identified the moment where the customer receives the fAISONS package to be the most exciting. We have all been there: one moment we place an order, and the next moment we are waiting by the door to receive our order.

We KNOW our customers receiving the fAISONS package is a well anticipated moment. So, we really want our customers to feel that much more special when they finally receive their order. This is why we put a lot of thought into our customer’s unwrapping experience. We want our customers to feel as though they are unwrapping a present.

We went with a pizza box with fAISONS logo printed on it. This way, the customer doesn’t have to open a generic shipping box from the sides and shake out the contents. They can lift the lid from the top and see the products beautifully laid out – almost like looking into a treasure chest!

When our customer pops open the fAISONS box, they will see a fAISONS postcard addressed to them with their name handwritten on it. We also periodically change up the postcard design, so our customers receive a different card with each order.

Lastly, with every order of our iconic tee or tee dress, the customers will receive the actual product in a high-quality yellow dust bag with logo. This dust bag is used in place of the industry standard OPP bag as an environmentally conscious effort. OPP bags have almost an irreplaceable role in shipping. They sufficiently protect products and have an attractively low cost. These OPP bags travel from the supplier to the distributor and eventually to the end customer. Unfortunately, once they reach the end customer, they are often quickly discarded and end up polluting our earth. fAISONS intercepts this chain. Once we receive our products in bulk from our supplier, we take responsibility for the OPP bags instead of passing the responsibility to our customers. We remove all the OPP bags and send them in for recycling in bulk. The OPP bags are then replaced with our fAISONS dust bag. On top of being an eco-alternative, the dust bag also doubles up as a travel/storage pouch.