BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag

BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag

Despite being a small start-up, fAISONS is enthused about being a responsible business. We want to fulfil our role in making a difference.

Do you know Singaporean shoppers use 820 million plastic bags from supermarkets in a year? That is almost 3 bags per person every week! This contributes to Singapore’s annual unbiodegradable waste, and eventually is detrimental to our earth’s wellness. 

Thus, fAISONS wants to be a part of the solution. We enable shoppers to bring their own bag when shopping with the fAISONS Tote Bag. The generously spacious tote bag can easily replace three plastic grocery bags. It also features an in-sewn pouch to hold your belongings separate from your belongings. We designed the tote bag with a graphic print which commemorates this small but important act of remembering your reusable bag and serves as a small PSA for onlookers.

Being a Singaporean brand, we also aligned this effort with a local campaign by National Environment Agency's (NEA): the “Say Yes to Waste Less” nationwide campaign. The Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) effort aims to educate and encourage Singaporeans to bring their own reusable bags to do their shopping, instead of choosing single-use plastic bags.