fAISONS ANGELREX: The origin story

fAISONS ANGELREX: The origin story

The Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex, was one of the fiercest predators of all time. With a massive body the size of a bus, and powerful jaws which could crush a car, the vicious carnivore was built to rule. Even with great strength, the T. rex was no match for the mass extinction which happened in Earth.

While the mass wipe out may have removed the T. rex from existence, it could not extinguish its spirit. The T. rex was well known for its fierce strength, in spite of that, at the very core of its being, there was a light. A light too strong to be doused. This light continued to exist and eventually evolved into The Angelrex.

The Angelrex rose to undertake an invaluable task, to be the Guardian of the Sunshine. It guards the Earth’s most important life force – light. The Angelrex was evolved from the light that existed deep within the T. rex. It models as proof of the sunshine which always exists despite our darkest days. It guides people who may have lost the light in them, those who are wandering in the dark, back into the light.

The Angelrex was born in Singapore in 2019. Weighing a whopping 8.4 metric tons and towering at 12.3m, this gentle giant’s favourite colour is the fAISONS sunshine yellow. Cannot get enough of the Angelrex? There’s more coming! Stay tuned at to be the first to know!