It's all about quality rather than quantity - Lily Cole

It's all about quality rather than quantity - Lily Cole

In fAISONS we always believe in quality rather than quantity. We produce less and concern more about the high quality. Here is what Lily Cole said.



Lily Cole was once on the side of every bus, fronting the industry’s biggest #fashion campaigns. But the more time Cole spent in the industry, the more she became aware of widespread problems and structural inequalities that prop up its glamorous facade. She cut back on #modelling jobs and instead prioritised working on improving the fashion system from within.⁠


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The fashion industry must grapple with the role consumer culture plays in upholding social, environmental and #ethical problems. “There is a practical need for new stuff that we don’t want to shut down entirely, so while we’re making it [we need to think of ways to do it] in a better way,” said Cole. “Equally, can we think of new business models that don’t require people to buy new things to make them economically #sustainable?” These may include more transparent supply chains or adopting a circular business model. The very way progress is measured must also be reconsidered. Economic growth must be replaced by alternative metrics like happiness, health and environmental wellbeing. “It’s about quality rather than quantity… about loving material things more,” Cole said. “The more you love something the more you respect it.” For consumers, buying fewer products of higher value is less wasteful and also places more emphasis on the artisanal craftsmanship of each garment.⁠


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