“If Streetwear Is Over, What Will Replace It?”

“If Streetwear Is Over, What Will Replace It?”

Streetwear is dead? Think again. We may have grown up with the notion that streetwear bore loud graphics, but times have changed, and streetwear continues to mature with the times. Streetwear is now seeing and creating a shift from loud colourful prints to minimal styles or what is better known as, “Silent Streetwear”. Brands like YEEZY and WTAPS have long been part of this shift and shoppers alike are ditching the logos. The shoppers of today are on the lookout for quality materials and earnest craftsmanship, more so than they did just a few months ago. This age of streetwear is no longer hiding behind the hype of a logo or a brand, but rather puts the ‘wear’ first.

Why the Future of Streetwear Is Female - WSJ

Born with quality and passion at heart, we at fAISONS are proud to propagate Silent Streetwear with our apparel. At every age and stage, we strive to push streetwear to the next level. As more brands get on board with “Silent Streetwear” and as this trend begins to head towards a mainstream, fAISONS is paving the way to the next shift – versatility. From style to aesthetic, our apparel is constructed to be versatile. Break the restrictions of conventional stores’ streetwear. Style the Faisons tee dress as a dress or a knot up crop, go for a fierce look or a cute aesthetic. You will never be just an uninspired ‘street’ look. With the Faisons tee dress, you own your narrative.

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